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        联系我们/Contact us


        地址:  宁波市鄞州区姜山镇






        电话:  0574--88070919

        传真:  0574--88160319

        手机:  1364 6688 660


         Q Q:   905745500


        袋尔乐简介/Daierle Profile



        背心袋, OPP袋、收缩袋、手提袋,食品袋,等各类软包装用袋,是目前宁波独家专业气泡袋机印企业。


        交货期短、价格低、保质保量,送货上门!我们的产品符合各种环保检测,可以远销日韩及欧美! 。

        我们的总宗旨是以 质量求生存,以诚信谋发展!



        Ningbo plastic bag co., LTD. (tel: +86 0574 88070919) is located in jiangshan town, yinzhou district, ningbo city, zhejiang province
        Export side, the traffic convenient environment beautiful, the factory area nearly 3000 square meters. The company specializes in customized production of high and low pressure plastic bags, bubble bags, self-sealing bags and bottom bags.
        The bag, bag, bag, food bag, etc., are the exclusive professional bubble bag printing enterprises in ningbo.
        The company has more than 30 automatic production line equipment from extrusion - printing - making bags and provides free design layout. Professional printing production, high production efficiency,
        The delivery time is short, the price is low, the quality is guaranteed, the goods are delivered to the door! Our products meet all kinds of environmental testing, can be exported to Japan, Korea and Europe and America! .
        Our aim is to survive on quality and develop with integrity!
        Our goal is to build the largest and most professional bag enterprise in ningbo.
        Sincerely welcome your incoming telegram to negotiate business!